Grupo Iron Bridge

We are a young company based in Bahía Blanca, Argentina, formed by a group of high school friends from Coronel Dorrego, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, that have maintained a long-lasting friendship through the years despite being geographically separated.

New friends joined the group with their unique insights and together we made the project a reality. Each of us has extensive experience in the private sector and has contributed effectively to this initiative.

Our story started with an idea which was immediately shared with the rest of the team. Coincidentally, all of us had the chance to play a key role in the project. Given the features of the device we as professionals in different fields could make important contributions to the invention.

This resulted in the creation of Grupo Iron Bridge S.A., a company named after a traditional location of our town, where we used to spend many hours.
After doing a lot of research and with the valuable help of another friend who was very important for the product development, we finally launched our invention. Those values that characterized our long chats as teenagers were finally materialized: being able to contribute to the common good -or at least doing our bit- were now the basis of our invention.

In conclusion, this is nothing but simple teamwork. However, it has a special flavor given that the project was created and developed by a group of friends.

In line with our vision statement, we seek to grow as a company by always focusing on our primary goal -finding the answer to people's everyday problems to which no sustainable solutions have yet been found. As regards our product, our main goal is to reach all possible places. We strongly believe this is a highly effective prevention method to adequately address the generalized psychosis caused by the uncertainty of not knowing for sure if the use of mobile devices may lead to adverse effects.

We firmly believe this is an invention that could prove to be extremely useful in every part