Anti-radiation shield

Our product is specially designed to protect
the user from electromagnetic waves (radiation) emitted by mobile phones.

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Is it true that waves emitted by mobile phones are harmful?

Many experts affirm that. The WHO also advises using your phone as least as possible and keeping it away from your body as much as possible.

With this in mind and our efforts aimed at prevention, we invented the SHIELD. This device protect us against these waves at key times during the day, such as sleep and work hours.

The SHIELD is made of materials that substantially reduce the radiation emitted by mobile phones.

Do you think that the excessive use of phones is not harmful?

Devra DavisDevra Davis, an epidemiologist and specialist on disease prevention and environmental health factors does not say so.

How do we know the shield is actually protecting us?

We have carried out all the relevant tests and also acquired a specific meter in Germany (specially designed for this type of measurements) which helped us show the emissions of mobile phones and the effectiveness of the SHIELD. Furthermore, it does not affect the signal or use extra battery power.

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